Sited on a steeply sloped hillside on Lake Martin, the Dugas Residence takes its form from two primary site conditions: aligning each of the primary spaces parallel to an adjacent stream, and positioning the screened porch high enough to enable a distant view to the lake. The resulting form rises from the hillside in a simple, but dramatic, expression of these design objectives.

Comprised of a center ridge and two converging valleys, the client’s property seemed to offer the smallest of buildable sites. However, the site’s most compelling features: a long view to the water possible only from a high vantage point and a bubbling stream in one of the two valleys, became the primary shaping conditions of the design.

Along the east side of the form, each primary space (Master Bedroom, Bath, Entry Foyer, Dining Porch, Living Room, and Screened Porch) are arrayed parallel to the stream and are enlivened by the sound of water falling down to the lake. The penultimate space, a vaulted screened porch, features a view to the lake in the distance.

The form of the home is expressed as a simple extruded gable, clad in red siding and supported by a heavy timber frame as is rises above the steep slope. Program elements that protrude from this form are clad in corrugated metal and exterior spaces that subtract are clad in clear finished cypress. Each space that overlooks the stream features elements designed for dwelling: window seats, open porches, and screened porches. The interior materials mirror the simplicity of the exterior and feature cypress millwork and  ceilings that rise and compress to articulate the spatial sequence.

Energy Analysis: Energy Vanguard

Interior Consultant: Annie Hinson

General Contractor:  John Stewart

Photographers: Danielle Willkens / Matt Hall