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The Lusche Residence
Auburn, Alabama
The Lusche Residence is a response to three main goals set forth by the client:

•A home that reflects their sense of responsibility and stewardship of the environment

•A home that evokes the language of traditional southern vernacular buildings but expresses this connection in a contemporary way

•A home that celebrates the natural features of a beautiful, wooded site located in the rural periphery of Auburn, Alabama

The solution that evolved from these goals is a four bedroom, 4200 SF home that arrays the primary program areas over two levels (atop a garage and partial basement). The parti is based on a simple “L” configuration, framing a courtyard space on the uphill side and arranging the major program elements into two relatively slender wings, allowing for passive cross ventilation and choreographed views into the landscape. The living room is placed in the shelter of the two arms and celebrates the view into the woodland on the uphill side of the site. A sophisticated balance of simple exterior materials and iconic vernacular forms evokes a memory of rural farmhouses, but with a modern twist.

The green design aspects of the home rest on two strategies: narrow cross sections and generous windows to allow for daylighting and passive cross ventilation - coupled with a building envelop and systems design that minimizes the energy needed to cool and heat the home when these systems are needed. The Lusche Residence is Energy Star certified, and is the first home to attain the highest level (Green Key) of the AHBA’s new sustainable building program.